Voucher Program

The Center for Molecular Medicine, supported by an NIH NIGMS P30 grant, will support three scientific cores designed to facilitate research. These cores include a Protein core, an Organic Synthesis core and a Genetic Technologies core.

Services provided by the Protein core include protein production in bacteria, yeast, or insect cells, protein purification, biophysical characterization of proteins, and protein crystallization, and crystal structure determination. 

The Organic Synthesis core focuses on providing investigators small organic molecules that cannot be obtained commercially for their research. The Organic Synthesis core has access to some chemical libraries that can be used for screening for a desired activity, which can then be followed up by the synthesis of related compounds.

The Genetic Technologies core prepares recombinant lentiviruses, adenoviruses, and adeno-associated viruses for investigators as well as producing recombinant DNA constructs and plasmid preparations.

More details of the services provided by each core and the cost associated with the services provided can be found under the “Cores” drop down menu. Currently, charges for the services provided by these cores for UK faculty and staff will be supplemented to the extent of 75% by the P30 grant. Users outside UK will pay the listed fee. For faculty with limited resources, the P30 grant provides competitive vouchers that can be applied for to cover the cost of core usage.

To apply for a voucher click here (email submit form) [note: open in Adobe Acrobat].